What is new in 2084

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version 2084.001


- mega4809 added to xtiny platform. See also MEGAX

- xtiny support added to i2cslave add on.

- LCD I2C driver from O-Family included that supports up to 8 LCD.

- xtiny alias portx,ddrx and pinx have been changed from the port_out to the virtual address. this also required the following :

 - 1wire,i2c,getrc,pulsein,pulseout,serout,serin,i2cbus and rainbow changed for new port mapping

- config COM for xtiny has a new option to chose the alternative pin. TXPIN=option

- xtiny TCB0: CCMP_OTP renamed into CCMP_OUTPUT. Also reversed enable/disable. And ASYNC enabled/disabled were reversed too.

- xmega dat files corrected for DACA/DACB.

- xmega config eeprom=quick|mapped did not simulate properly

- xtiny config port_mux did not set the proper register value for TCAx and TCBx

- portmux support complete rewritten. data is stored in the dat files. see also config_portmux for important information.

most choices list the pin number name now.

- sizeof() function added. it returns the size of a variable in memory.

- xtiny config sysclock prescaler value 6 was missing.

- simulator fix for xtiny (register offset). Also register name length extended to 32 characters

- htrc110.LBX added * for used equ so they can be adjusted by the user

- DTR option for terminal emulator. you can set the DTR pin level for the terminal emulator just like you can for the RTS pin.

- mysmartusb light programmer problem with EEPROM programming solved

- const _TEXTLCDKIND added which contains the text LCD kind like : 162 for 16x2

- the tool tip info (SHIFT key) shows the length of a string constant when moving over a string constant.

- xtiny support added for AVR-DOS

- serin/serout implemented for xmega and xtiny

- SWAP can swap a long/dword too

- glcdST7565R.lib adjusted for RAMPX boundary in showpic

- xtiny enable/disable set wrong bits for the timers

- xtiny start/stop switch the enable bit for timers

- datetime.lib modified for xtiny

- split() did not raise an error when using non-strings. The result array must be a string array.

- syntax check/compile did reset the stk200 programmer reset pin

- xtiny tcb1 added which was missing.

- UPDI programmer speed increased. baud is selectable. 225000 is the maximum for the default updi clock.

- IDE did not compile for the right processor when multiple $regfile directives were used with #IF#ENDIF.

- Font size increased in IDE. Default is now SEGUI 12. When you use a different language in options, this might not be visible.

Also changed IDE so that high resolution monitor should show better font when bigger fonts are chosen. The icons/images still need to be changed to vector drawn images so they can scale better.

- more xtiny samples

- IDE can update a number of add ons