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Exchange two variables of the same type.

Exchange a nibble or 2 bytes




SWAP var1, var2

SWAP var3





A variable of type bit, byte, integer, word, long or string.


A variable of the same type as var1.


A byte, integer,word,long or dword


After the swap, var1 will hold the value of var2 and var2 will hold the value of var1.


When using swap with a single variable it need to be a byte, integer/word or long/dword variable.

In version 2084 you can also swap a dword or long.


When using swap on a byte, the nibbles will be swapped.

Example :

byte=&B1100_0001  : swap byte : byte will become : &B0001_1100


When using swap on a single integer or word, the 2 bytes will be swapped so the LSB becomes the MSB and the MSB becomes the LSB.

When using swap on a single dword or long, the 4 bytes will be swapped the following way :

LSB  NSB1  NSB2  MSB  will become : MSB NSB2  NSB1  LSB





'name                     : swap.bas

'copyright                : (c) 1995-2021, MCS Electronics

'purpose                  : demo: SWAP

'micro                    : Mega48

'suited for demo          : yes

'commercial addon needed  : no



$regfile = "m48def.dat"                                   ' specify the used micro

$crystal = 4000000                                         ' used crystal frequency

$baud = 19200                                               ' use baud rate

$hwstack = 32                                               ' default use 32 for the hardware stack

$swstack = 10                                               ' default use 10 for the SW stack

$framesize = 40                                             ' default use 40 for the frame space


Dim A As Byte , B1 As Byte

Dim Bbit1 As Bit , Bbit2 As Bit

Dim S1 As String * 10 , S2 As String * 10




S1 = "AAA" : S2 = "BBB"

Swap S1 , S2


A = 5 : B1 = 10                                             'assign some vars

Print A ; "   " ; B1                                       'print them


Swap A , B1                                                 'swap them

Print A ; "   " ; B1                                       'print is again


Set Bbit1

Swap Bbit1 , Bbit2

Print Bbit1 ; Bbit2