Additional Hardware

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Of course just running a program on the chip is not enough. You will probably connect many types of electronic devices to the processor ports.

BASCOM supports a lot of hardware and so it has lots of hardware related statements.

Before explaining about programming the additional hardware, it might be better to talk about the chip.


The AVR internal hardware


Attaching an LCD display


Using the I2C protocol


Using the 1WIRE protocol


Using the SPI protocol



You can connect additional hardware to the ports of the microprocessor.

The following are hardware related:


I2CSEND and I2CRECEIVE and other I2C related statements.


CLS,LCD,DISPLAY and other related LCD-statements.




There are many more hardware specific statements and functions.


Adding XRAM


Adding XRAM to XMEGA using EBI


Adding SRAM 4-port Non Multiplexed