Options Programmer

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With this option you can modify the programmer settings.









Select one from the list.

Play sound

Name of a WAV file to be played when programming is finished.


Press the directory button to select a file.

Erase Warning

Set this option when you want a confirmation when the chip is erased.

Auto flash

Some programmers support auto flash. Pressing F4 will program the chip without showing the programmer window.

Auto verify

Some programmers support verifying. The chip content will be verified after programming.

Upload code and data

Set this option to program both the FLASH memory and the EEPROM memory

Program after compile

When compilation is successful, the chip will be programmed

Set focus to terminal emulator

When the chip is programmed, the terminal emulator will be shown




Parallel printer port programmers

LPT address

Port address of the LPT that is connected to the programmer.

Port delay

An optional delay in uS. It should be 0. But on some systems a delay might be needed.




Serial port programmer

COM port

The com port the programmer is connected to.


The path of stk500.exe. This is the full file location to the files stk500.exe that comes with the STK500.


For mkII and other Atmel USB programmers you can enter the serial number here. Or you can look it up from the list.






Select when a HEX file must be sent instead of the bin file.


The program to execute. This is your programmer software.


The optional parameter that the program might need.


Use {FILE} to insert the binary filename(file.bin) and {EEPROM} to insert the filename of the generated EEP file.


When ‘Use Hex’ is checked the filename (file.hex) will be inserted for {FILE}. In all cases a binary file will be inserted for {EEPROM} with the extension .EEP


Use {CHIP} to insert the official device name of the chip. The device name is required by some programmers.


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