Move to new PC

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When you want to move BASCOM to a new PC. You have a number of options.


1 - Run the installer with admin rights from CD-ROM on your new PC. The setup will copy the license file automatically.

2 - Download the latest version of the setup.exe from , extract the setup.exe , and run setup.exe with admin rights


For the register link above, you need access(an account). This account is not the same as for the shop/forum.

You need to create an account if you don't have one.

This procedure is explained in the help topic 'Updates'


Then, after the installation, copy the license file bscavrL.DLL to the bascom-avr application directory of the new PC.

Or let setup.exe do this for you. When you put the license file in the same directory as setup.exe, setup will copy/install the file for you.


In general it is always better to install the latest version.