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The FM24C64_256 library is a library that uses a RAMTRON I2C serial EEPROM.

Ramtron memory chips are as quick as RAM and can be overwritten almost unlimited times.


An external EEPROM is a safe alternative to the internal EEPROM.


By using : $lib "fm24c64_256.lib"

The EEPROM read and write routines from the library will be used instead of the internal EEPROM.

Thus you can still use : Dim BE as ERAM Byte

And you can use READEEPROM and WRITEEEPROM, but instead of using the internal EEPROM, the external I2C EEPROM is used.

The lib is for the FM24C64 to FM24C256. It uses I2C/TWI.



noticeThis library is only included in the full version. It is not included with the DEMO.


For an example see FM24C16