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Execute the touch screen calibration routine.

This is all in one routine with displaying prompts on the screen and updating of the REG_TOUCH_TRANSFORM_A-F registers.








The calibration procedure collects three touches from the touch screen, then computes and loads an appropriate matrix into REG_TOUCH_TRANSFORM_A-F. To use it, create a display list and then use CmdCalibrate. The co-processor engine overlays the touch

targets on the current Display List, gathers the calibration input and updates REG_TOUCH_TRANSFORM_A-F.



Note: You can Automatically let Bascom do the Screen calibration for you.

Or if you want to force an Screen calibration at anytime:


1.Press on the LCD panel
2.Reset your project
3.When you release from the LCD the Screen calibration message will appear.


To enable this mode, set LcdCal = 1 from the file.


Const LcdCal               = 1 ' Prompts for LCD Calibration (if not previously done)


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