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BASCOMP.EXE is a command line compiler utility.

It can be called from your own favorite editor when using linux. Or when compiling projects from a batch file.


The bascomp.exe utility must be placed in the same folder as bascavr.exe.

It depends on the bascom-avr license dll and the basc-avr.dll compiler DLL.

It will also requires the DAT files and the LIB folder with the libraries.

For this reason the files is best placed into the bascom-avr application folder.


NEW Simple Call

The utility has been updated and now will retrieve all info from the source file, but only when your main program contains these directive :

$regfile, $hwstack, $swstack, $framesize


Example : bascomp.exe "c:\my folder\source\sample.bas" auto

The 'auto' is a switch so the utility will retrieve the settings from your code.


If the directives are not found, or available in the source you need to use the old way:


Usage : bascomp file.bas SS=40 HW=40 FR=40 CHIP=0

Here, file.bas is the source file you want to compile.

You should supply the full path like : "c:\my folder\file1.bas"

SS is the value for the soft stack

HW is the value for the hard ware stack

FR is the value for the frame size

CHIP is the chip identifier. These are listed when you do not enter any parameters.