About this Help

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This help manual is available in CHM format for the IDE. And also in HTML on line.

A PDF version can also be downloaded. You can do that using the Tools, PDF function of the IDE.


Some topics show examples. Some examples are partial samples. Some examples demonstrate a number of statements.

And some topics contain full examples.

When you want to use examples you can best load the examples that come with the IDE.

By default they are installed in the SAMPLES folder.


The samples from the distribution are checked with each release since they are intended to be compiled.

So they contain a $regfile directive, and default stack settings. And when print is used, communication set up.


The samples from the help are only intended to demonstrate a statement or function and are extremely simple. Often $regfile and stack is omitted.

When you want to use the sample from the help you can copy & paste it.

Do not forget to include $regfile, $hwstack, $swstack and $framesize when it is not included in the sample. The sample will compile without this info too but for later reference it is best to include this info.

Some examples from the help are from 1995 and the compiler has been extended.

When you encounter a sample from the help that does not work, send an email to support so it can be corrected.