Tools Resource Editor

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The resource editor can be used to edit the resource strings of your application.

The resource editor will create a <project>.BCR file.

The resource editor is part of the Resource Add On, and is only available when you have this add on installed.


The simplest way to get the resources from your application is to create a BCS file using the DUMP option.

Then import them with the resource editor.




The following options are available when you right click with the mouse in the resource editor.





Search for a string.

Find Next

Find next occurrence.

Delete Row

Delete the current row.

Add Row

Add  a new row for a new string.


This option will import the BCS file which you can create with the $RESOURCE DUMP option.

Set Language Name

Change the language name of the current language/column.

Add Language

Add a new column for a new language.

Delete Language

Delete the current column (language).


The resource editor is pretty simple. The only task is allow you to edit the various strings. You can also use notepad or Excel to create the BCR file which is explained in the $RESOURCE topic.