Program Syntax Check

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With this option, your program is checked for syntax errors. No file will be created except for an error file, if an error is found.



Program syntax check shortcut BASC0035_wmf, CTRL + F7


When there is an error, an error window will be made visible at the bottom of the screen.


error ocurred


You can double click the error line to go to the place where the errors is found. Some errors point to a line zero that does not exist. These errors are caused by references to the assembler library and are the result of other errors.

The error window is a dockable window that is docked by default to the bottom of the screen. You can drag it outside this position or double click the caption(Errors) to make it undock :



Here the panel is undocked. Like most windows you can close it. But the error must be resolved (corrected and syntax checked/recompiled) for this window can be closed !

By double clicking the caption (top space where the name of the window is show) you can dock it back to it's original position.


When you have closed the window and want to view it again, you can choose the View, Error Panel option from the main menu.