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Calculates the remainder of a division.




var1 = var2 MOD var3





Variable that will be assigned with the modules of var2 and var3.


A numeric variable to take the modules from


The modulus


The MOD operation is similar to the division operation(/). But while a division returns the number of times a number can be divided, the MOD returns the remainder.


For example : 21 MOD 3 will result in 0 since 7x3=21. There will be no remainder.

But 22 MOD 3 will result in 1 since 22-(7x3)=1


In BASCOM, the variable you assign determines which kind of math will be used. When you have 2 word variables you want to get the modulus from, you have to assign a word variable too.

When you assign a byte, byte math will be used.


Floating Point

When using singles or doubles, the MOD uses this equivalent code :

Dim A as single, B as single, c as single, d as single

a = 13 : b = 2.7 'sample

c = a MOD b

d = a - FIX(a / b) * b



See also

Language Fundamentals




Dim L As Long , L2 As Long
For L = 1 To 1000
  L2 = L Mod 100
  If L2 = 0 Then                                           ' multiple of 100
    Print L
  End If