KITSRUS Programmer

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The K122 is a KIT from KITSRUS. (


The programmer supports the most popular 20 and 40 pins AVR chips.


On the Programmer Options tab you must select this programmer and the COM port it is connected to.


On the Monitor Options tab you must specify the upload speed of 9600, Monitor delay of 1 and Prefix delay 1.


When you press the Program button the Terminal Emulator screen will pop up:





A special toolbar is now visible.

You must press the Program enable button to enable the programmer.

When you enable the programmer the right baud rate will be set.

When you are finished you must press the Enable button again to disable it.

This way you can have a micro connected to your COM port that works with a different BAUD rate.

There is an option to select between FLASH and EEPROM.

The prompt will show the current mode which is set to FLASH by default.



The buttons on the toolbar allow you to :


When DUMP is selected you will be asked for a file name.

When the DUMP is ready you must CLOSE the LOGFILE where the data is stored. This can be done to select the CLOSE LOGFILE option form the menu.


THIS PROGRAMMED IS MARKED FOR REMOVAL. Send a note to support if you use it.