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Allows hexadecimal input from the keyboard during program execution.




INPUTHEX [" prompt" ] , var[ , varn ]





An optional string constant printed before the prompt character.


A numeric variable to accept the input value.


The INPUTHEX routine can be used when you have a RS-232 interface on your uP.

The RS-232 interface can be connected to a serial communication port of your computer.


This way you can use a terminal emulator and the keyboard as input device.

You can also use the build in terminal emulator.

The input entered may be in lower or upper case (0-9 and A-F)


If var is a byte then the input can be maximum 2 characters long.

If var is an integer/word then the input can be maximum 4 characters long.

If var is a long then the input can be maximum 8 characters long.


In VB you can specify &H with INPUT so VB will recognize that a hexadecimal string is being used.

BASCOM implements a new statement: INPUTHEX. This is only to save code as otherwise also code would be needed for decimal conversion.



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'name                     : input.bas

'copyright                : (c) 1995-2021, MCS Electronics

'purpose                  : demo: INPUT, INPUTHEX

'micro                    : Mega48

'suited for demo          : yes

'commercial addon needed  : no



$regfile = "m48def.dat"                                   ' specify the used micro

$crystal = 4000000                                         ' used crystal frequency

$baud = 19200                                               ' use baud rate

$hwstack = 32                                               ' default use 32 for the hardware stack

$swstack = 10                                               ' default use 10 for the SW stack

$framesize = 40                                             ' default use 40 for the frame space


Dim V As Byte , B1 As Byte

Dim C As Integer , D As Byte

Dim S As String * 15


Input "Use this to ask a question " , V

Input B1                                                   'leave out for no question


Input "Enter integer " , C

Print C



Inputhex "Enter hex number (4 bytes) " , C

Print C

Inputhex "Enter hex byte (2 bytes) " , D

Print D


Input "More variables " , C , D

Print C ; " " ; D


Input C Noecho                                             'supress echo


Input "Enter your name " , S

Print "Hello " ; S


Input S Noecho                                             'without echo

Print S