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This option shows an about box as shown below.






Your serial number is shown on the third line of the about box.

You will need this when you have questions about the product.


The compiler and IDE version numbers are also shown.


When you click the App data dir link, the folder which contains the BASCOM settings will be opened:




It contains the bascom-avr.xml file with all settings and the bascavr.log file. When you need support, you might be asked to email these files.


When you need support, also click the Copy-button. It will copy the following info to the clipboard, which you can paste in your email :


Dont forget that Serial numbers should not be sent to the user list.

Make sure you sent your email to support and not a public list !


Compiler version :

IDE version      :

Serial number    :XX-XXXX-XXXXX

Windows OS       :Microsoft Windows XP

Windows SP       :Service Pack 2

Explorer         :7.0.5730.11

Company          :MCS

Owner            :Mark Alberts

Windows dir      :C:\WINNT

App data dir     :C:\Documents and Settings

System dir       :C:\WINNT\system32



When you click the support link, your email client will be started and an email to will be created.


Click on Ok to return to the editor.