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Instruct the compiler to include ASM routines from a library.




$EXTERNAL Myroutine [, myroutine2]




You can place ASM routines in a library file. With the $EXTERNAL directive you tell the compiler which routines must be included in your program.



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$regfile = "m48def.dat"
$crystal = 4000000
$baud = 19200
$hwstack = 16
$swstack = 16
$framesize = 16
Config Com1 = Dummy , Synchrone = 0 , Parity = None , Stopbits = 1 , Databits = 8 , Clockpol = 0
'In order to let this work you must put the mylib.lib file in the LIB dir
'And compile it to a LBX
'define the used library
'you can also use the original ASM :
'$LIB "mylib.LIB"
'also define the used routines
$external Test
'this is needed so the parameters will be placed correct on the stack
Declare Sub Test(byval X As Byte , Y As Byte)
'reserve some space
Dim Z As Byte
'call our own sub routine
Call Test(1 , Z)
'z will be 2 in the used example