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Configure the GETKBD() function and tell which port to use.




CONFIG KBD = PORTx , DEBOUNCE = value [, DELAY = value] [,COLS=cols]





The name of the PORT to use such as PORTB or PORTD.


By default the debounce value is 20. A higher value might be needed. The maximum is 255.


An optional parameter that will cause Getkbd() to wait the specified amount of time after the key is detected. This parameter might be added when you call GetKbd() repeatedly in a loop. Because of noise and static electricity, wrong values can be returned. A delay of say 100 mS, can eliminate this problem.


This value is 4 by default. Some chips do not have port pin 7 and for these cases you can use COLS=3, or COLS=2.

This does assume that columns are connected to the high port nibble.


The GETKBD() function can be used to read the pressed key from a matrix keypad attached to a port of the uP.

You can define the port with the CONFIG KBD statement.


In addition to the default behavior you can configure the keyboard to have 6 rows instead of 4 rows.


CONFIG KBD = PORTx , DEBOUNCE = value , rows=6, row5=pinD.6, row6=pind.7


This would specify that row5 is connected to pind.6 and row7 to pind.7

Note that you can only use rows=6. Other values will not work.


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'name                     : getkbd.bas

'copyright                : (c) 1995-2021, MCS Electronics

'purpose                  : demo : GETKBD

'micro                    : Mega48

'suited for demo          : yes

'commercial addon needed  : no



$regfile = "m48def.dat"                                   ' specify the used micro

$crystal = 4000000                                         ' used crystal frequency

$baud = 19200                                               ' use baud rate

$hwstack = 32                                               ' default use 32 for the hardware stack

$swstack = 10                                               ' default use 10 for the SW stack

$framesize = 40                                             ' default use 40 for the frame space


'specify which port must be used

'all 8 pins of the port are used

Config Kbd = Portb


'dimension a variable that receives the value of the pressed key

Dim B As Byte


'loop for ever


B = Getkbd()

'look in the help file on how to connect the matrix keyboard

'when you simulate the getkbd() it is important that you press/click the keyboard button

' before running the getkbd() line !!!

Print B

'when no key is pressed 16 will be returned

'use the Lookup() function to translate the value to another one

' this because the returned value does not match the number on the keyboad