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Specify the Bitmap Handle




BitmapHandle handle 





Bitmap Handle. The initial value is 0. Valid range values 0 to 31.


Handles 16 to 31 are defined by the FT800 for built-in font.

Handle 15 is defined in the co-processor engine commands CmdGradient, CmdButton, and CmdKeys.

Users can define new bitmaps using handles from 0 to 14.

If there is no co-processor engine command CmdGradient, CmdButton and CmdKeys in the current display list, users

can even define a bitmap using handle 15.


Graphics Context

The value of handle is part of the graphics context, as described in section 4.1 in FT800 Series Programmer Guide.PDF from FTDI.


See also

BitmapLayout, BitmapSize